Have You Heard of Akiane – Such a Beautiful Name

akiane (Photo credit: 漂泊的鱼)

What a wonderful person. So young, so passionate with such a supportive family and the future for this young girl is mind boggling.  
Visit her website: http://www.akiane.com
Check out her interview at fifteen years. She also has time-lapse painting on her site. Enjoy!
Akiane’s story speaks to me. I also yearned to draw and paint people since childhood. The urge is still there and haunts me as I go on in my daily activities. Therefore, I can relate with Akiane‘s description of her inspiration. I haven’t had the visions she describes, but I do have sudden ideas and dreams that I write about in poems, and stories and also sketch them until I feel I have to produce a painting.
Many of my paintings are of typical scenes I see around me, but they speak to me. I see the beauty, the color and the mood. The dreams are different. They are emotional expressions, which I capture in pencil or paint. Critics look at them and either like them or are unable to relate. 
As I paint or write, time disappears and I am at one with my creation. I continue  to learn from my work, my mistakes, my critics and admirers. That is part of growing and learning. Not every work is a masterpiece. Not every masterpiece is accepted by the public. Sometimes a painting I think is ‘trash’ excites a person to purchase it.
Visit Akiane’s website and enjoy the wonder of her and her great talents—she has many. I would love to meet her some day.

Post a comment below and let me know what you think.


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And Further Update July, 2012

Steve, DJ and Jo part of TAG
at the Granite State Newsroom reception area.

Now Seen at The Granite State News, Wolfeboro Falls, NH.

TAG has updated its artwork for the month of July at the news office.

Come check out the handsome artwork that is representative of the group. There are oils, acrylics, watercolors, photography.

Support your local artists.

I have two pieces hanging. One is an oil painting titled “Berry Mill, Wolfeboro Falls, NH”, which is located on the trail, formerly a railroad track. The other is a print of a watercolor titled “Fisherman’s Gear”.

Post a comment below.

Visit my website: http://www.jomorise.com


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Jo M. Orise Art Update for July 2012

Here are a few of the TAG members.
They are a lovely group and very helpful and encouraging members.
Come join the fun.

TAG at Huggins Hospital, Wolfeboro, NH.

Support your local artists.

Check out the new display at Huggins Hospital’s waiting room and hallway.

Great work by the TAG (The Artists Group), a branch of GWAC (Governor Wentworth Arts Council).

The Picture Hanging Guru.
Busy DJ

Artists belonging to GWAC are encouraged to join so they may hang their artwork in public.

Contact DJ Geribo at dj@djgeribo.com or call 603-875-0066 to find out what you need to do to join the group. Or contact me, Jo M. Orise, through the message link below.

The art at Huggins will be on display from July until the end of August. So, come visit. Support your local artist. Purchase an artwork.

Don’t see what you are looking for, call me and we can talk.  Post a comment below. I would love hearing from you.

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Donation to the Town of Kittery,Mane

Official seal of Kittery, Maine
Official seal of Kittery, Maine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Kathy Pridham accepting a donation of a
reproduction of Alisson’s Restaurant from artist, Jo M. Orise.

Kathy Pridham, Deputy Town Clerk and Chair, Fuel and More of the Town of Kittery contacted me for a donation for the heating program in the town called Fuel & More.

Kittery assists eligible families with 100 gallons of fuel during the winter months and if any money is left, they can get another 100 gallons.

Kittery is planning one of their annual fund raisers, the River Dance, which is held at the Weathervane Restaurant on Badger’s Island in September.

The dance features a band, food, cash bar, 50/50 raffle and a silent auction.

Donated items are put up for bid in the town office foyer in July and then moved to the dance and bidding ends at 9:00 PM.

I donated an “Alison’s Restaurant” reproduction to help support the event. The restaurant is in Kennebunkport, Maine. Visit them at http://www.alissons.com/

Good luck Town of Kittery. Kathy is doing a great job in organizing this great event. I hope the winner enjoys the print. Keep warm this coming winter.

If you’ve never been to Kittery, Maine, take the time to visit. It is a beautiful area. I thought I’d take a shortcut from my home to Portsmouth one day. I decided to take the back roads, which meant I had to go through Kittery. I got lost and drove an extra two hours believing my Garmin. Don’t ever believe your Garmin, it has a sadistic side to it. Anyway, as I traveled about I came upon the most gorgeous vistas. I wished I had my paints with me.

Also, when you visit, be sure to look for Kittery Point. It was described to me as one of Maine’s best kept secrets—not anymore.

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Donation to Seacoast Outright Organization

A fundraiser is planned for Seacoast Outright (www.seacoastoutright.org) on Saturday, August 18th at Buoy Gallery in Kittery. Seacoast Outright supports GLBT youth in our community. The fundraiser, called “Art got Go, is a fun event where ticket holders take home an original piece of art and support a wonderful local organization.

Peter Welch with
Alisso’s Restuarant print

Peter Welch, a member of the Kittery Art Association, contacted me requesting a possible donation for this event. Therefore, I obliged with a print of “Alisson’s Restaurant” to help support the service the organization provides for young people in the area.

Good luck in all you do and I do hope the winner enjoys the print. It is a reproduction of a larger pencil drawing I completed in three months time. I often tell admires of the drawing that I should have started with a black sheet of paper and used white pencil instead. That drawing truely ‘got the lead out’. Chuckle.

Check out the organization’s website to see what is happening.

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