Is This Another Scam Come My Way? Maybe Not. Or… .


Received an e-mail with an amazing offer!

“Dear Jo. M. Orise,

I’m the webmaster of, the largest “Open Community” Fine Art Wiki Project in the world. We receive millions of visitors monthly. Our database of Fine Art images and articles is in the millions and we continue to grow daily. We are a nonprofit organization. This is your opportunity to take part in our project.

I visited your website earlier today and wanted to congratulate you on a creating a well presented and informative site. I would like to add a link to your website from and wanted to know if you would be kind enough to link back to us.

Adding a link from to your website will greatly increase your Search Engine Ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other websites. A link from our site to your site will mean that your site will ranked HIGHER on these search engine results pages which will translate to more visitors and better exposure.

If you are interested let us know, and I will get back to you with the exact link information that we would like you to use. Please also let me know what description you would like us to use when we link back to you.

Looking forward to hear from you,


Your e-mail ID is taken in person directly via visiting your website online. Please reply to this e-mail if you are not the right person to receive this e-mail message or if you have received this e-mail by default.”

Well, let me come down a notch—it sounded pretty good. Maybe it is a legitimate offer.

But why did it look strange? The e-mail—all text based. No graphics. From Wikipedia? In today’s world of social interaction, there are usually graphics, pictures—something to look at.  As I read, I found a typo. Not very professional. There is a spell check and grammar check in all publishing software, and even in e-mail/web-mail software. Why hadn’t they been used? Is this another scam come my way?

The signature? Victoria,, Webmaster.

Only a first name, Victoria. Victoria who? The Webmaster? Why would a webmaster write this note? Why not the Art Coordinator, or other such title? Webmasters create websites. Perhaps Wikipedia’s Wikigallery is on a very LOW budget. Somehow, I don’t seem to believe that.

“… Our database of Fine Art images and articles is in the millions and we continue to grow daily…”

Why would I want to be ‘buried’ in a million+ swarm of artist? For me—I have no patience browsing. One million+ options to choose from sounds oppressive. I’d lose my bearings and throw up. Sorry. :-(

What prospective client has that much time to shop for artwork? Easier to take a holiday and make the gallery circuit in a quaint art community somewhere on the globe, or better yet, go to an interesting artist’s web-page and talk to them. That has a personal touch. :-)

After an initial reading, I set the e-mail aside. A few days later I entered Victoria’s signature and company name at . Well, well. What do you know? It was been reported as a possible SCAM in 2011. I never heard of it until now. So is it really a scam?

Check out this link from written by Laurie, April 5, 2011:

Here is another link: 

But, that is only two opinions. I didn’t find any other signals of scam, which is a relief in a way. It’s Wikipedia we are talking about here!

To calm my nerves, I went to the mountain – at the very bottom right of the page there is a link Art resources and it does bring you to a large selection of artists. Some are WOW! others are heh? Looks legit. But like I said, I have no patience for such a plethora of links to so many people/galleries. It’s a nice place to visit but… .

Will I ever join. Hmmm. Don’t know. Dramamine anyone? :-(

Always check out the ‘stuff’ friends send. The Internet is NOT the book of rules or the bible. It is fallible—very, very fallible. Think about the writer: who, why, when. If it sounds too good to be true—IT IS! But this one? I think it is okay. What do you think?

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Jo M. Orise August 2013 Art Update

I’m preparing for the upcoming one-man-show at The Highland Coffee House, Thomaston, ME. Works (originals and prints) will be on display for the month of August. Hope you can make it. If not, then visit my virtual gallery to see what I’ve been doing most of my life.
Leave a comment. Love to get feedback. Critiques are a big part of improving one’s craft.


Jo M. Orise July 2013 Art Update

Last summer and winter found me painting up a storm. Still am. This is one of my paintings for the Black Falcon gallery in Thomaston, Maine.

Summer Art Event Theme – 2013 – Hunger for Art to benefit the St. Bernard Soup Kitchen, located in Rockland, ME.

Hosted by the Black Falcon Gallery 47 Main St. in Thomaston, ME.

July 4th (9am – 5pm)
July 5th (7pm – 9pm) – First Friday
July 6th thru July 13th (8am – 5pm) – Open
See details at:

In addition, I have one-man-show in the dining room of  The Brown Bag Restaurant / Cafe, 606 Main Street, Rockland, ME for the month of July.
This is one of my favorite places to eat when I am in Rockland, Maine.

People with a taste for great food flock the restaurant every day.

Come to the shows to support the other local artists and me. If you purchase a painting, part of the proceeds are donated to the Soup Kitchen. What a great excuse to buy a new painting—from me of course.

If you see my art on display at either location, drop a line, tell me what you think. 

Oh, I know the banana painting is ‘different’. I let my imagination loose. Hunger for art and food—how do I tie the two together? Ah! Food on the beach of course! Therefore “Monhegan Bananas” emerged from the canvas. It is a 7×7″ gallery wrap painting. That means the painting continues around the edges of the canvas.

The other painting, is Curtis Light. It is on display at the Small Wonder Gallery, Camden, Maine. It is a cute 5×5″ gallery wrap painting as well. I just love ocean waves. They are so dynamic and difficult to paint. But I’m working at it. My work can be seen there for the season.

I also have art work hanging at the Store Upstairs Gallery in Port Clyde, Maine.

See more of my artwork at:


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See you there.