Art Update – May 2021

Miss my studio.

Haven’t had much time to paint. Corona Virus-19 and all its implications and worries, I’ve stayed away. I focused on writing instead.
However, I did paint a book cover I thought would be suitable for my first attempt at a novel. River Fork-The Bear in the Storm. After several design iterations, I came upon one I liked.

Upon completion, I set the final version aside for later review. When I am close to an artwork, I find it wise to put it away and return to it with fresh eyes. Then I ask myself: Does it work? Is it too literal? Is it too vague? Will the imagery attract attention? Will it attract the target audience’s attention? Et cetera.

When I return to my studio, I’ll be sooo happy.

I can’t show the cover design until I know the manuscript will be published.

To find out more about my writing, click on writing blog link above.

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Yes, I am around… Meanwhile, Hubby had an accident and a medical issue within three weeks, both requiring surgery. I have been his nurse and his home “physical therapist” for four months. He is getting better. I sure miss his old self. But life goes on. I hope we have more time together. Love my Hubby.

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