Art Update: Aug. 16 – Sept. 14, 2019

“Wild Things”

Nature Speaks – Endurance, by: Jo M. Orise – oil on canvas, gallery wrap 18×24″

Art Opening and Reception

Where: River Arts Gallery, Route 1, Damariscotta, ME
When:  Opening reception: August 16 –  5 to 7 pm
Public view and purchase: August 16 – September 14, 2019
Hours:  Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 4 pm
Sunday 11:00-3:00 pm

Contact: 207-563-1507

Having submitted an artwork to be juried for the “Wild Things” show, I learned 208 paintings were submitted, and 80 were selected by the jurying process.

I was one of the lucky 80! That sounds like the title of a book or at least a movie.

I am so pleased. So many paintings. And a theme show to boot!

I usually avoided “Theme” shows—until this year. I was accepted at the last show and now this show. Two theme shows in a row! How great is that?

Why do I avoid “Themes”? Well…my brain doesn’t work that way. Suggest a theme, my mind is blank.

I literally interpret the message…then it gets complicated in my little head. It feels like I don’t fit in my head. Nor do I fit in the group who is part the whole event.

They get it. I don’t.

My examples draw a lot of blank stares and gaping mouths.


I go home and have coffee. I stare at my easel. Whiteness. That is what I see. Well, lately it is grayness—I tint my canvas prior to painting. Gray can make paint “zing” or can depress you. Like sitting in a little corner asking “why don’t I think that way?”

But this time, upon examining available paintings hanging in my studio, I forced myself to think beyond the painted subject. It worked—twice in two months!

However, I fear my time as a theme painter is limited.

But then…

Join us.

Have a glass of wine, a few goodies and let’s chat about art—everyone’s art. Most participating artists attend the opening.

We artists will be happy to speak with anyone interested in art.

Give a holler, leave a comment and a like.

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Art Update: Aldermere Art Show Aug 10 – 11, 2019

Aldermere Farm, 20 Russell Ave, Rockport, ME
Saturday, August 10 from 9 am to 4 pm
Sunday, August 11 from 11 am to 2 pm

Visit this link for information about Aldermere’s upcoming art show this weekend.

“Marshall Point Light” Oil on Canvas, by: Jo M. Orise

I will be part of the show.

My work consists of 10 framed paintings and 15 prints in an art bin.

Tuesday and Wednesday combined, I spent 13 hours hanging artwork for the artists who dropped off their entries. Each artist is entitled to display the same 15 pieces.

So, if we have 20-50 artists…that is a lot of artwork.

Believe me, I was totally exhausted this year.

Been hanging the show for the last 5 years. The first year I assisted two people in a frenzie to hang all work in two days. I suggested a hanging committee for next year and volunteers. So, I became the “hanging committee” with no volunteers. I did 90% of the work. One artist and her husband asked if I needed help on the last day. YES!

Over the years, at my urging, other artists volunteer when possible. This year, we even had non-artists volunteer. And I am so grateful for all these people who share in the commitment with the love of art in their hearts.

Volunteering not only provides camaraderie, but an understanding of how hard Joelle Alsbury, the coordinator, works at setting up a fine art show for the public and the non-profit Maine Coast Heritage Trust. Become a member or volunteer. Join the fun.

Come to the show. I’d love to meet you.


Honorable Mention Award – Maine Lobster Festival 2019

Wow! I am excited. 

Last year I earned two awards.

This year, I received the “Honorable Mention Award” for the painting “Morning at the Docks”.

Sunrise at the Docks - Port Clyde2019bsmall-72dpi
Morning at the Docks, by: Jo M. Orise

Looking at it, I remember its creation.

I began with a photograph I had taken of the Port Clyde, Maine dock. 

I was, at the time, interested in sunrises and sunsets. How best to represent them. On the ocean seemed best—all that reflection and color glow.

Having gotten married on a schooner, I became smitten with a love for tall ships.

Here I imposed, for my personal pleasure, a schooner in the distance, waiting for morning to be off into the sunrise. But then, why not two ships? They often anchor in a harbor together. Why not in my little harbor scene?

Now we had two schooners.

Then I thought, there’s room for one more alongside those little boats waiting for the fishermen and captains of ships who slept ashore with their loved ones.

Three schooners now lie in wait in the harbor at Port Clyde. The dock depicts fishermen, having arrived from shore and from the sea, beginning the day’s work. Young men, older men, young women, older women, all beguiled by the sea.

The gulls greet the day, announcing a new beginning.

Life on the sea begins anew with the rising sun.

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