Jo M. Orise Art Update for July 2012

Here are a few of the TAG members.
They are a lovely group and very helpful and encouraging members.
Come join the fun.

TAG at Huggins Hospital, Wolfeboro, NH.

Support your local artists.

Check out the new display at Huggins Hospital’s waiting room and hallway.

Great work by the TAG (The Artists Group), a branch of GWAC (Governor Wentworth Arts Council).

The Picture Hanging Guru.
Busy DJ

Artists belonging to GWAC are encouraged to join so they may hang their artwork in public.

Contact DJ Geribo at or call 603-875-0066 to find out what you need to do to join the group. Or contact me, Jo M. Orise, through the message link below.

The art at Huggins will be on display from July until the end of August. So, come visit. Support your local artist. Purchase an artwork.

Don’t see what you are looking for, call me and we can talk.  Post a comment below. I would love hearing from you.

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