Art Update: Aldermere Art Show Aug 10 – 11, 2019

Aldermere Farm, 20 Russell Ave, Rockport, ME
Saturday, August 10 from 9 am to 4 pm
Sunday, August 11 from 11 am to 2 pm

Visit this link for information about Aldermere’s upcoming art show this weekend.

“Marshall Point Light” Oil on Canvas, by: Jo M. Orise

I will be part of the show.

My work consists of 10 framed paintings and 15 prints in an art bin.

Tuesday and Wednesday combined, I spent 13 hours hanging artwork for the artists who dropped off their entries. Each artist is entitled to display the same 15 pieces.

So, if we have 20-50 artists…that is a lot of artwork.

Believe me, I was totally exhausted this year.

Been hanging the show for the last 5 years. The first year I assisted two people in a frenzie to hang all work in two days. I suggested a hanging committee for next year and volunteers. So, I became the “hanging committee” with no volunteers. I did 90% of the work. One artist and her husband asked if I needed help on the last day. YES!

Over the years, at my urging, other artists volunteer when possible. This year, we even had non-artists volunteer. And I am so grateful for all these people who share in the commitment with the love of art in their hearts.

Volunteering not only provides camaraderie, but an understanding of how hard Joelle Alsbury, the coordinator, works at setting up a fine art show for the public and the non-profit Maine Coast Heritage Trust. Become a member or volunteer. Join the fun.

Come to the show. I’d love to meet you.


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