Art Update August, 2021

Hey guys, I participated in the July showing at River Arts Maine Gallery in Damariscotta from July 7 to August 7, 2021.

Upon returning to pick up my piece, I found it had SOLD!

Knowing someone appreciated the hours spent creating, painting and fretting as I composed and layered color over color, to produce the effect desired, is a nice feeling.

I now have an empty spot on my studio wall. Presently, I am adding finishing touches to my current painting which will soon fill that spot.

Dear Art Lover,

Thank you for purchasing my work. May you enjoy many happy hours looking into the scene and imagining yourself there, experiencing the “Sunset at Curtis Light.”

Curtis light house at sunrise
Sunset at Curtis Light 12×16″ oil on canvas.

Drama was my goal. I love clouds, especially when they take on a lulminescence…a glow.

That glow reflected on the Curtis Lighthouse, the ocean, and the schooner anchored in the background.

This painting reminds me of my time at sea on a beautiful schooner, enjoying the fresh air, the evening sunsets, the lapping of the water against the ship, the laughter of the other guests and the crew. Yes, the crew and their comittment to make it a safe and wonderful experience. As we sailed up and down midcoast Maine’s waters, we were rewarded with gorgeous sunsets, beautiful light houses and rocky shores. Oh, and don’t forge the gulls. I hear them every day from my studio. They are a delight.