Art Update – May 19, 2021

Another Scam Attempt – Duh…Go Figure.

Checking out my e-mail and my SPAM folder…Guess what I found under a slimy rock…so to speak.

Someone “stormed on some” of my artwork. Clever use of words, sure to capture the unsuspecting artist. After all, with all that paint thinner floating about in the studio, there must be a whole lot of dim wits out there, like me for instance, who will grab any opportunity to sell an artwork to this Gabriela Ruiz from Georgia.

Sound familiar? I think every artist on the planet has recieved a version of this scam.

However, being a feeling person and wanting to help this Gabriela change her ways…I answered.

Re: Pieces for sale 

To gabriela riuz <> on 2021-05-19 21:27DetailsOn 2021-05-14 06:14, gabriela riuz wrote:

Hi, My name is Gabriela from Georgia, I have been on the lookout for
some artworks lately in regards to i and my husband’s anniversary
which is just around the corner. I stormed on some of your works which
i found quite impressive and intriguing, I must admit your doing quite
an impressive job. You are undoubtedly good at what you do. With that
being said, I would like to purchase some of your works as a surprise
gift to my husband in honor of our upcoming wedding anniversary. It
would be of help if you could send some 7 pictures of your piece of
works, with their respective prices and sizes( bearing it in mind that
my budget is within $500-$5,000 ) which are ready for immediate sale.I
look forward to reading from you.

Best regards,

Hello Gabriela.
Don’t you think it is hard enough for Hispanics to enter the USA?
This attempt at “fraud” “scam” is illegal. Think about it.
Does your mother know what you are doing? Would she be proud to know that “Gabriela from Georgia” has decided to “steal” from hard working artists in the USA and whatever other country you have spread your “fishing net?”
So, if you are really “Gabriela from Georgia” you should be ashamed.
There are lots of jobs out there. Apply for one and purchase artwork legitamately…Don’t be a coward. Be an honest citizen…that is what we want in the USA…Or whatever country you really live in.

I truly hope Gabriela Ruiz from Georgia has a change of heart. I wish her good luck in applying for and getting a job in her home town.

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Art Update – May 2021

Miss my studio.

Haven’t had much time to paint. Corona Virus-19 and all its implications and worries, I’ve stayed away. I focused on writing instead.
However, I did paint a book cover I thought would be suitable for my first attempt at a novel. River Fork-The Bear in the Storm. After several design iterations, I came upon one I liked.

Upon completion, I set the final version aside for later review. When I am close to an artwork, I find it wise to put it away and return to it with fresh eyes. Then I ask myself: Does it work? Is it too literal? Is it too vague? Will the imagery attract attention? Will it attract the target audience’s attention? Et cetera.

When I return to my studio, I’ll be sooo happy.

I can’t show the cover design until I know the manuscript will be published.

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Yes, I am around… Meanwhile, Hubby had an accident and a medical issue within three weeks, both requiring surgery. I have been his nurse and his home “physical therapist” for four months. He is getting better. I sure miss his old self. But life goes on. I hope we have more time together. Love my Hubby.

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