Jo M. Orise – October 14 – November 10, 2016 — Art Update

Prep work for the oil painting. oil by Jo M. Orise

 Yeah! River Arts Gallery Art Show going on right now.

  • River Arts Gallery,  241 US Route 1 (North), Damariscotta, Maine.

Theme of the group show is Artist Choice. 

Exhibition Opening Fri. Oct 14, 5-7PM.

The showing will be on display until until November 10, 2016

This is the featured artwork from my collection that is on display at River Arts Gallery:

Gulls Are Free – Oil by Jo M. Orise


Gulls Are Free 

The gulls float above as the wind creates whitecaps below.

8″ x 10″ oil with floater frame

I love gulls and the ocean. They represent freedom and daring.

To the right, you see my preparation for the painting. The subject is simple and was such fun to create—and a challenge.

Lots of observation, quick sketches, photo references and imagination. I had to determine how the bird would look like as it hovered in air and looked below.

Have you ever watched seagulls float in the updraft of the wind? They just spread their wings and let it happen. Amazing. They don’t flap to stay up. When the air has a strong current, it holds the gulls up there. We would drop whether we flapped or not.
They are like a living kite.

If you get to Damariscotta, do drop in and take a look at all the wonderful paintings on display.

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Art Update, March 2015

Map of Florida highlighting Citrus County
Map of Florida highlighting Citrus County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone. As I said I’ve been busy painting and helping my 90 year old gentleman neighbor who I will call S.G. pack and sort his possessions in order to move out of his beautiful home. He can no longer manage the property and deserves a less chaotic life style. He will move in with his brother across town, on a lake’s edge where there are a couple of docks. Since my friend loves fishing, I suppose that is where he will spend a lot of his time.

S. G. is tickled to be out of his big home and moving to a lake front property. The only thing he has to watch for are alligators.

Meanwhile, I have entered two watercolor paintings into a group show at the Citrus County Art Center  in Hernando, FL. The show will last until mid April.

Share this with your friends. Perhaps someone will be in the area and come to our group show.

Leave a comment. Love to hear from you. I will add a thumbnail of one of the paintings soon.

Donation to the Town of Kittery,Mane

Official seal of Kittery, Maine
Official seal of Kittery, Maine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Kathy Pridham accepting a donation of a
reproduction of Alisson’s Restaurant from artist, Jo M. Orise.

Kathy Pridham, Deputy Town Clerk and Chair, Fuel and More of the Town of Kittery contacted me for a donation for the heating program in the town called Fuel & More.

Kittery assists eligible families with 100 gallons of fuel during the winter months and if any money is left, they can get another 100 gallons.

Kittery is planning one of their annual fund raisers, the River Dance, which is held at the Weathervane Restaurant on Badger’s Island in September.

The dance features a band, food, cash bar, 50/50 raffle and a silent auction.

Donated items are put up for bid in the town office foyer in July and then moved to the dance and bidding ends at 9:00 PM.

I donated an “Alison’s Restaurant” reproduction to help support the event. The restaurant is in Kennebunkport, Maine. Visit them at

Good luck Town of Kittery. Kathy is doing a great job in organizing this great event. I hope the winner enjoys the print. Keep warm this coming winter.

If you’ve never been to Kittery, Maine, take the time to visit. It is a beautiful area. I thought I’d take a shortcut from my home to Portsmouth one day. I decided to take the back roads, which meant I had to go through Kittery. I got lost and drove an extra two hours believing my Garmin. Don’t ever believe your Garmin, it has a sadistic side to it. Anyway, as I traveled about I came upon the most gorgeous vistas. I wished I had my paints with me.

Also, when you visit, be sure to look for Kittery Point. It was described to me as one of Maine’s best kept secrets—not anymore.

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